I wrote this when I still had an iRiver H340 for an MP3 player, however I’ve had a couple of iPods since, but I’ve unearthed the software again in case anyone still needs it.

In order to browse by the audio metadata found in Vorbis comments and ID3 tags, a small database needs to be constructed in the root of the iRiver filesystem.

I’ve written a small C library and accompanying utility to build this database. It uses libvorbisfile from the Ogg Vorbis libraries and libid3tag to parse Ogg and MP3 files repsectively.

The following models should all work:

  • H300 series; H340 and H320
  • H100 series; H140, H120 and H110

You can build the source either from the tarball with the usual:

libiriverdb-1.6$ ./configure && make && make install

Or you can rebuild the SRPM if you have an RPM-based Linux distribution.

It compiles okay on CentOS 5 64-bit using the EPEL repository to fill in the missing dependencies. From memory I used to use it on Fedora i386 and Mac OS X PPC to cover both little and big endian architectures and the latest version has a bunch of 64-bit fixes so it should work on most architectures.