DivX playback on OS X

I normally install the DivX software to get the support enabled in QuickTime Player via the bundled plugin.

Recently a couple of DivX-encoded movies have confused QuickTime Player such that I get the sound, but no picture although they seem to work fine in the standalone DivX Player. I’d rather not have to use multiple video playback apps so this rather smells of plugin fail.

The DivX Preferences pane forces System Preferences to relaunch in 32-bit mode, so I tried starting QuickTime Player in 32-bit mode to see if that might help, but no joy.

While searching to see what other users have done, I stumbled across Perian which is a LGPL-licenced QuickTime component that supports DivX amongst a bunch of other formats.

Installing Perian got the troublesome DivX videos working properly in QuickTime Player, and its System Preferences pane works in native 64-bit mode so it’s also slightly less annoying in that respect.

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