Setting the date on a Muvi Micro Camcorder

I recently got a little Veho Muvi Micro Camcorder after seeing my brother using one on his bike. I appear to have the Pro model which on the positive side can handle more frames per second, but on the negative side puts a bright green timestamp on your recordings and there’s no way to disable it.

So the best you can do is at least make sure the timestamp is correct; it will reset to some known epoch if the battery goes flat and it might lose accuracy over time although I can’t say I’ve paid attention to that. There’s a utility for Windows that ships with the device, but that’s no good on a Mac or Linux host so for the benefit of the lazyweb and myself because it’s fairly obscure how to do it…

Create a file called time.txt in the root of the Muvi filesystem (alongside the DCIM directory) with the following contents:


Unmount the device and turn it off and on, the file should be consumed and the time should be now set.

Here’s a video shot in my 1955 VW Beetle which demonstrates the annoying timestamp, although does show the Muvi does just about cope with the electromagnetic interference from the magneto ignition and noise levels from the exhaust, although it doesn’t cope with the lack of daylight, blame the black paint for that.

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  2. Jim says:

    Ive had no luck on LION doing it this way… try try try again. i have used YYYY.MM.DD HH:MM:SS as well as replacing that with the actual time. It consumes the file, but when i take a new video its still the old time….

    • matt says:

      You need to use the actual date and time ;-), I used those as placeholders so you know the format that the Muvi is expecting.

      The fact the file is disappearing means the Muvi must be reading it in so I can only think there’s something it doesn’t like about the timestamp format. The format should match how the timestamp is formatted on your videos, does yours use the same format as mine?

      I’m not running Lion yet until I know the iMac graphics problems are fixed.

  3. DocB says:

    For those of us in the legal profession, the time stamp is essential in showing the judge that the events happened at a certain time and sequence.

    I understand that for ‘civilians’ it’s at times undesirable.

    You might want to look at the Muvi 10; I believe the time stamp can be selected or de-selected on that model.

    Thanks for the time setting reminder.

  4. DocB says:

    I ran across a post that looked like it was written by someone not a native english speaker who worite that if you want the time to display you’d place a Y after the time sequence like this


    Or for no display,


    I haven’t tried it but it’s interesting. YMMV as they say.

  5. Pete V says:

    Re: The Veho Muvi micro recorder (NOT the “Pro” version).

    Do you know if it is possible to have the time & date correct on the saved recording files? They are currently marked with a date/time and recording length, but they are incorrect!
    All the information on the web seems only to cover the “Pro” version.

  6. nelson a gilliam says:

    i can not change mine so hen i turn it on i talk the date and time and it records it..every time i put in my truck..when i get home i delete the files so i talk the date and time again before i go on the road

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